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Music is movement, just like us humans. Movement is also music, as Holonic Systems white-label platform for interactive music enhances user experiences in various mobility-related verticals, including smart mobility, in-car infotainment and MaaS clients.

Our proprietary spatial computing platform uses the Internet of Everything to create a consumer-facing B2B platform for interactive music. Instead of playing back recordings, music is synthesised in real-time on the device, allowing users to create, perform, and interact with music in entirely new ways.

Driving is becoming a lean-back experience, we'd like it to be musical and informative while contributing to road safety.

Holonic Systems can provide solutions for: 

- In-Car Infotainment
- Ride Hailing, Car Sharing, Vehicle Rentals
- Delivery Services
- Parking & Commuter Services
- AR Advertising (Out-Of-Home)



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In addition to auditory display applications and musical infotainment, Holonic tech has been successfully used in event production, choreographic works and in studios and workshops around the world.


Education is close to Holonic Systems and our collaborations include an ongoing academic research with Queen Mary University London’s Centre for Digital Music in how data sonification can be used musically on a city-wide scale by multiple participants. Other clients have included UCL Royal Holloway's Cyborg Soloists project, Oak House School in Barcelona, Field Kitchen Academy in Perleberg and Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels, to name a few.


In 2021, we joined Orbe in a Creative Europe-funded project with Coventry University’s C-DaRE lab to develop a collaborative choreography platform for tomorrow’s interactive dance music. In 2022, the Vibes - Connected Music project was presented at OperaEstate festival and Birmingham international Dance Festival. Creative Europe and the Finnish National Agency for Education also supports the continuation of the project in the form of Replay, an interactive dance game currently in development by Orbe. 

Holonic Systems has partnered and collaborated with brands that include industry leaders Suunto, Native Instruments and Bose. Read more in this interview or this interview. There's also this interview, and this.


Images (clockwise): Birmingham International Dance Festival, Field Kitchen Academy, Musical Instrument Museum, Oak House School. 

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