Holonic Systems B2B

We have partnered and collaborated with brands that include industry leaders Suunto, Native Instruments and Bose. Here is an interview, and another.

Personal, Location-Aware Spatial Music

Besides ubiquitous music experiences, the Holonic platform can be used to create interactive audiovisual applications for both B2B and B2C purposes. Our technology enables users to participate in interactive, mobile experiences driven entirely by real-world data.  


We offer: 

Platform Licensing - API and Unity plugin coming in 2021.

Physical Installations - Embedded solutions for Retail, Hospitality, Events and Advertising.

SAAS - Custom functional music systems for your enterprise needs: Medical, Sports, Automotive, Auditory Display.

Partner Programs - Integrate your music tech with Holonic Systems.

Research & Development - Consulting the successes of tomorrow.

Education & Science Holonic Systems' products have been used successfully in schools and workshops across Europe, for example, the Oak House School in Barcelona and Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels

Holonic Systems’ collaborations with researchers and universities include an ongoing research with Queen Mary University London’s C4DM in how data sonification can be used musically on a city-wide scale by multiple participants.

Oak House School workshop.jpg

In 2021, we join Orbe in a Creative Europe-funded project with Coventry University’s C-DaRE lab to develop a collaborative choreography platform for tomorrow’s interactive dance music!