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Auditory Augmented Reality 

Holonic Systems researches musical interactions with particular interests in spatial computing and biosensing. We turn real-world data into sound for immersive, physical experiences that enable musical input from performers, audiences and machines.

Human powered music

By connecting the human body directly to the production and performance of electronic music, we achieve a biocultural evolutionary step that defines tomorrow's human electronic musicianship and audience experiences alike.


From compulsion loops to biocybernetic loops

For artists and listeners, contextually and structurally coupled interactive music returns a sense of ownership that is easily lost in today’s commodified music business. We hope it contributes towards more authentic and original artistic experiences while humanising an opaque and increasingly bias prone, self-referential music culture. 

Join our interconnected world of holonic synthesis

We hear a new world of sound beyond charts, genres and fandom - they are part of the problem. Escape the tyranny of playlists and algorithmic payola by entering an ongoing, supra-individual musical process that goes beyond emotional expression. Generative music doesn’t have to sound generic, so let’s forget stems and samples and make the future of music very interactive!


Ove Holmqvist

A producer and technologist, Ove has a background in audiovisual media and arts. He is the CEO/CDO of Holonic Systems.


Mark Meddings

Our CCO Mark is a musician and audio engineer who develops our adaptive music engine, as well as our liaison for artists and producers. 


Henri David

With extensive experience in enterprise-level applications and software for music

controllers, Henri is the CTO of Holonic Systems.

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