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Auditory Augmented Reality 

Music is a means of customising the subjective experience of time, a form of cognitive stimulation and is also used for psychophysiological self-regulation and many social functions, including identity expression, cultural cohesion, and ritualistic participation. 


Holonic System’ integral model of interactive music introduces a new paradigm for  music making, performance, and distribution. It has broader implications for social impact, including promoting physical interaction, spatial exploration, and social interaction.


Holonic musical smart city solutions go beyond entertainment to reframe our relationship with urban spaces and foster transformative experiences. 

Human Powered Music 

Music has been relegated to a solitary background activity, when it could be a societal and artistic catalyst. Through interactive adaption to user states, ubiquitous music can counteract this cultural decline and reconnect individuals with music's transformative potential.


Perceptually and biologically coupled music has the power to replace formulaic popular music. Our products make new kinds of musical interactions possible that reclaim the original social functions of music by harnessing our innate musicality.

Space Is The Machine

Places change our perception and music influences our interaction with spaces. Holonic Systems seeks a more intuitive and informed connection, a ubiquitous music that reflects our complex lives while responding to and elevating everyday moments. We can now make music that responds to the character of our current location, we can embed musical possibilities in places. 


The Holonic platform for adaptive music blurs boundaries between artists and audiences, making everyday activities collaborative and transformative musical journeys.


Ove Holmqvist

A producer and technologist, Ove has a background in audiovisual media and arts. He is the CEO/CDO of Holonic Systems.


Mark Meddings

Our CCO Mark is a musician and audio engineer who develops our adaptive music engine, as well as our liaison for artists and producers. 


Henri David

With extensive experience in enterprise-level applications and software for music

controllers, Henri is the CTO of Holonic Systems.

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