Holonic Systems develops music applications for artists, enthusiasts, consumers and corporate customers.

Our bottom-up approach to participatory musical creativity is based on affective design principles and physical computing. The resulting music creates functional feedback or biofeedback, which can be utilised for artistic, personal and commercial benefit.

Holon: Become Sound™

Holon is a consumer auditive mixed reality app that generates interactive synth music from user movement, position, environmental data and other available signals. Holon is a passive Zero UI app that reduces screen time by liberating your hands and eyes. Instead, the world is your musical interface.

Outside the black box

Whereas Music Information Retrieval systems attempt to match the desired mood with a back catalogue of content, the holonic system creates a synthesised accompaniment that also drives your everyday activities through auditory-motor coactivation and concurrent augmented feedback. 


Weather, time of day and location data can be used to model external factors for maximal perceptual coupling. There is no mysterious AI composer involved, only signals - bioelectrical, biometeorological, biomechanical, biomusicological.

Holon in the press:

“This was crazy fun to play with... jog around, and music responds. It’s like having a generative composer following you around, writing music for your workout”, Peter Kirn, CDM

“It's hard not to crack a smile when Holon starts creating music to match a person's movements. There's something entertaining, almost mesmerising, when seeing how a synth interprets human movement and attempts to make music, not just sound, from it”, Rounikh Zeti, Ask Audio

“Holon is a genuinely innovative music generation app ...The app creates music that feels so much in sync to whatever activity you’re doing. Try dancing with it, and you’ll find out that you have a tune that is playing in sync with your dance moves”, Shivam, Allthings.how

Holon is the beginning of an adaptive musical multi-agent system that achieves holarchic form through constant feedback. 


Become part of the musical circuitry, become sound!

*** HOLON 2.0 is coming 2021 *** 

Holon.ist: Adaptive music authoring

Holon.ist is a mobile, open world music platform that allows advanced users to create their own musical mappings for physical events, locations and IoT data. 

Holon.ist supports numerous wearable devices.

Visit the Holon.ist site for full details









Beyond functional cheesecake

Far from a Muzac for the 21st century, our interactive music system is developed to give users of different musical abilities several ways to participate in musical performances through physical computing. Entrainment beats entertainment!


With our apps and numerous integrations, performers, composers and engineers can use sensor data to control musical interactions and map signals from body movement, position and biosensors to software and hardware over OSC or MIDI. 

Holonic Source: Integrations for Reaktor, VCV Rack, miRack, Ableton Live
Send data to Ableton Live, Reaktor or VCV Rack with your iOS device, Suunto Movesense or Apple Watch. Control DMX/ArtNet using our ​Processing sketch! With our zero-config autodiscovery, connecting is a non-event.

Now part of miRack from mifki!!


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