Ove Holmqvist is an artist and technologist with a background in media and audiovisual technology development. Holmqvist has worked with sound design and audio production in projects ranging from radio art and advertising to IoT sonification and interactive alarms (intellectual property acquired by Apple, Inc. in 2018). In 2011, he started biomusic.cc, a collective working with bio-informed sonification, which later developed into Holonic Systems. With an emphasis on embodied interaction and enactivism, Holmqvist approaches music from a biocultural perspective that aims to enable participatory practices for users of all skill levels and ages.


Holonic Systems develops proprietary music technologies for B2B and B2C users, as well as providing consulting services. The team has been active in the fields of interactive music and biomusic since around 2013, having incorporated in 2017. The company is an industrial partner of Queen Mary University London’s Centre for Digital Music’s AI+Music doctoral program on Musical Smart Cities


Holonic Systems has previously partnered with industry leaders and global brands, such as Native Instruments and Suunto. Holonic Systems is actively supporting artists, choreographers and musicians in the use of physical computing to create new, engaging interactive art pieces.The company’s technology has been successfully used in public and private secondary schools in Catalonia and Norway. 


Holonic Systems is now working with Bose, Inc. to release their products for the Bose AR system as a pioneering auditory augmented reality solution for musicians and consumers alike. The Holon.ist platform is actively developed to be licensed and adapted to third party solutions. The platform is currently available as a standalone iOS app with Holonic Source integrations for Reaktor, Ableton, VCV Rack and miRack. In addition, a DMX integration is available to control stage lighting, special effects and visuals.


In 2018, the company piloted their first B2C product, Holon, an auditory AR app intended for casual users that creates functional music automatically based on movement, time-of-day, weather and other factors. Holon is a zero-UI app, in that it requires no user operation apart from normal physical movement, with the phone preferably used passively, i.e. in a pocket, handbag, or on a vehicle dashboard. Holon contains numerous musical interactions that are adaptive in regards to the current context of the user. Part of the appeal of Holon is its exploratory nature. During the piloting, Holon reached #5 in the Health & Fitness category of App Stores in Belgium, Portugal and Vietnam, with similar positions elsewhere in SE Asia.


Holonic Systems turns context into content and consumers into prosumers - musically. The company’s auditory AR tools convert real world data into sound and can be used by enterprises and consumers alike to make contextually relevant, biologically and perceptually grounded ubiquitous music experiences. Holonic Systems’ products are based on principles of affective design and biomusicology, placing users in the centre of an open world of synthesised sound, where they become integral parts of the musical circuitry through their biomechanical movement and biosignals.

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