Holonic Systems in the press

Gaz Williams, Sonic State

Holon...It never ends??!

Peter Kirn, CDM

This was crazy fun to play with... jog around, and music responds. It’s like having a generative composer following you around, writing music for your workout.

Rounikh Zeti, Ask Audio

It's hard not to crack a smile when Holon starts creating music to match a person's movements. There's something entertaining, almost mesmerising, when seeing how a synth interprets human movement and attempts to make music, not just sound, from it.

Shivam, Allthings.how

Holon is a genuinely innovative music generation app ...The app creates music that feels so much in sync to whatever activity you’re doing. Try dancing with it, and you’ll find out that you have a tune that is playing in sync with your dance moves.

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